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Yesterday I posted Canon EOS 5D Mk II and today its Canon Flex model which is the famous model back in 1959.

It’s a motto of Canon to make easy to use interface model for common folks but with high quality picture as results and yet I somewhat was poisoned to get Nikon D3100 instead.

D3100 is a great SLR but I somewhat regret not to wait and get Canon just simply because their lenses are cheaper. Nikon lenses are usually 2x more expensive than Cannon and that is why I am still stuck with Nikon Kit lenses 18-55.. I am not rich. Me are poorfag

Okay… So for Canon Flex model the amount of paper requires are 9 sheets, there is about 79 parts and the difficulty is hard.

Like the previous EOS 5D model, this was made for the company 50th anniversary and it was made available for download on their EU website for a limited time. The links has since been taken down and many other sites is just linking to the dead links.

Which means what I have here might be a rare model. Guess that depends on the situation as the way I see it, many doesn’t seem to be interested with camera paper crafts?

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