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Finally found a proper domo-kun pepakura to build. Domo kun papercraft requires 2 sheets of paper and it’s very much like cubeecraft . Easy to assemble and requires little glue which took me about 30mins to finish. Here are the pictures I took this evening . Download link available below

Domo-kun is an official mascot for NHK, a public TV broadcaster station in Japan. He appears in stop-motion sketches, manga and in 5 different video games for Nintendo DS.


I was hoping to find domo-kun template that is pose-able like danbo. Can’t find any ๐Ÿ™ This domo kun can only sit and watch tv. I will try to look for more of Domo friends templates soon.

This post has been updated with more info and workable link, it was broken before. Post was created back in Jul 15, 2011 and was a hit in Deviantart’s page.

Domo and his TV sets are among the first few papercraft I build 3 years ago. Making it was fairly easy, any 5 years old kid could do it. It’s practically a cube craft type of paper model and makes a cute model to display on my desktop. Hope you like it ๐Ÿ™‚

Domo-kun And TV Set Templates