Dracule Mihawk Papercraft

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Many would know this guy “Dracule Mihawk” or Hawk Eyes from the anime and manga series One Piece.

Mihawk here is a member of Shichibukai and the current holder title of “Greatest Swordsman in the World”.

Supposedly his name is related to Vampirism but he carries a crucifix like sword on his back and a cross necklace.

This model is made by Youlingke, a Chinese papercraft designer. It comes in PDO and JPG template file.

I’ve received a lot of comment asking on what type of paper should they use in making similar model such as Hawkeyes here.

For me.. I used 180gsm paper, it’s hard but soft enough for folding. Or use those photo papers .. Photo paper usually comes in 250gsm.

If you already build one using normal paper then consider using a spray adhesive to make your model stronger.

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