Kurobe ATS 4202 Training Ship Paper Model

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Kurobe ATS 4202 is one of a three task training ship in JDSF. It’s mainly dedicated for anti-air warfare training and is equipped with the full suite of radar and sensor systems found on JMSDF Destroyers.

Impressive isn’t it? Just like from the Metal Gear Solid series, this ship often involves in aerial tracking, targeting and do a simulated shoot-down training using aerial drones.

I think, Kurobe is a payable model made by Etsusan (geocities.jp/papercraft_etsutan) – one of Japan most known paper craft designer. However there is no “buy” link for this model anywhere on his site. At least not today..

This model is scaled at 1:400 and has about 73 parts. Since it’s a 1:400 scaled, only 2 pieces of paper required.

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