Eren by Ashifa Kurnia Putri

The first contender is here! Putri accepted the challenge and finished it in two days! Thanks to Putri for sharing with us your model 😀

So where is your finish model? Come and show it to me. You need another 29 submission in order to unlock two more face plate for Eren Yeager! At the time being there is only 2 person that inform me they intend to finish Eren’s model soon. I’ll be waiting Law Jo and Kurtz Treebeck.

Especially you Kurtz. You been bugging me for these chibis model since forever, if you don’t show me the finish model soon I’ll haunt you.

Alright I have something to say about Yeager/Jeager thingie. Basically the anime is based on europe/German and Japan mix match culture so Eren name should be spelled as Jeager in English, but we’re following the Japanese version here and even the wiki is spelling it as Yeager.

Not that it matters to me, I dislike Eren the most which is also the reason why I gave him out first. Bwa ha ha ha *snickers*

For future references, please includes your nickname with your finished model picture. You can write it on a paper and take a picture with it.

Download Eren Here