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Hey folks.. FINALLY IT’S HERE!! Eren Yeager as promised. I am sharing this since we reach 1 million views since August 2013. Thanks Reza Ongo Nalendra for playing along with me 😛

Eren is the son of the famous Dr. Grisha Yeager and he could transform into a Titan. As a Titan he fought alongside Survey Squad in combating other Titans and the corruption behind the empire.

This is a paid model made by O-breaker from 3DZhimo. As usual I would like everyone to refrain from sharing this elsewhere other than on MYP. You know what happen last time someone broke the rules right?

Eren Yeager model has 3 customized face, but I only include the basic 1 in this templates. I will give the other 2 face module after a certain limit is unlocked. The things need to unlock is, I’d like to see at least 30 people shares their finish model of Eren to MYP.

My reason for making this unlock mission? Every time I shared a special model I see thousand of people downloaded it ( seriously ) but only 1-3 person shared their finish model. So if you show me your finished model, I’ll give you the leftover files. Fair deal amirite?

Another thing that I would like to mention, I am sharing this for fun. I am not obligated at all to share it to anyone. If you can’t wait, if you want to give it to your sister on her birthday, gf and what not up to the point of cursing me , please buy it yourselves. The models are available for sale on Taobao.

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I would also like to offer my condolences to the family victims of Korean Sewol’s ferry. It is very unfortunate for such things to happen to all those kids. My hearts bleeds with all of you..

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