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E=X Garland or EX Garland is a transformable mecha from a motorbike to a robot mecha.

From “MEGAZONE23 III” comes a model of the mecha used by the main character Eiji Takanaka, the E=X GARLAND!

The model makes use of various articulated parts for all sorts of different poses, and the design and planning have been done by the team behind FREEing’s Dynamic Change Getter Robo series allowing for a complete transformation from Maneuver Craft to Maneuver Slave form without the need to replace any parts!

To be honest I’ve never heard of this model before but it’s in my hard disk. Googling brought me to GoodSmile company website with description above.

Anyone here watched MEGAZONE23 III? Seems like an outdated anime. Perhaps I could still watch it on free anime streaming sites.

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