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So I stumbled upon Bender paper craft today, my favorite character from the Futurama cartoon.

Bender is a happy go lucky character who drinks and do all bad things, says all the kinds of things he likes and best friend of Fray.

He is one of the worker of Professor and do deliveries for the professor.

He’s my favorite character in Futurama series and without him Futurama would be bland.

Anyway Bender’s paper craft here is not known who is the author and the paper craft is resize-able. It wasn’t lock so you could use pepakura designer to resize is as big as you want.

The original size of Bender is 29cm tall and uses 8 sheets of papers with 74 parts needed assembling.

I’ve taken a look at the parts and it looks similar to parts for Danboard paper craft. Should be easy for everyone.

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