Fairy Tail Droy Paper Craft

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Droy is one of sidelines characters in Fairy Tail’s anime and childhood friend of Jet and Levy.

Droy as seen in this model is a slim person, he is slim before Tenrou island was destroyed but he got into a deep depression and ate a lot making him 30 times more fatter.

Droy is also in an unrequited relationship with Levy McGarden. He did confessed to her but rejected 1 second later making him hold the record of the fastest person being rejected by Levy.

The model comes in both lines and no line version, as usual files are in .PDO so please view them using PDO Viewer. About 16 paper is needed to build this model. It is recommended to use paper heavier than 180gsm to build and I think most of those korean crafters uses glossy paper to build their models.

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