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It’s been a while since I posted any Kancolle characters and today we have ourself Haruna, the sexy warship char.

Haruna is named after Mount Haruna, she is a warship of Imperial Japanese Navy during World War I and World War II.

Haruna fought in almost every major naval action of the Pacific Theater during World War II. She covered landings of Japanese forces in Malaya (in present-day Malaysia) and the Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia) in 1942 before engaging American forces at the Battle of Midway and during the Guadalcanal Campaign.

Throughout 1943, Haruna primarily remained at Truk Lagoon (Micronesia), Kure Naval Base (near Hiroshima), Sasebo Naval Base (near Nagasaki), and Lingga (in present-day Malaysia), and deployed on several occasions in response to American carrier airstrikes on Japanese island bases.

Kancolle is a browser game made for Japanese only. Today there is an anime adaptation coming and Kancolle 4koma manga adaptation has been made.

Since this is a chibi model, it is fairly easy and you only need 3 papers to built Haruna. The templates comes in .PDO, requires Pepakura Viewer to view.

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