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Yesterday was Erza, today it’s Gildarts. Both of them are made by Hellsword papercrafts.

I don’t watch much of Fairy Tail so other than the basic main heroes and heroine, I don’t know much about Gildarts. Not really a fan of solely fighting anime/manga. Here’s some description from Fairy Tail’s wiki ;

Gildarts Clive (????? ????? Girud?tsu Kuraivu) is one of the Fairy Tail Guild’s S-Class Mages, its Ace, its current most famous Mage,[1] and was its Fifth Guild Master. He is also the father of Cana Alberona.[3]

As for the papercraft templates, Hellsword made it in 4 version 2 PDO lined and lineless, 2 PDF lined and lineless. Pick whichever floats your boat.

By the way, how’s everyone summer holiday went?

Gildarts Clive Templates