Another – Chibi Misaki Mei

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Misaki Mei is an anime character from the horror anime ‘Another’. She is the person everyone thought as ‘the one that does not exist’ .

Spoilers below, don’t read if you haven’t watch the series.

If you watch the anime then you should know that she is not the extra person in class however she is partly responsible for making most of her classmate ended up dead.

IMHO she could’ve ended the curse with her eyes earlier before any death occurs. She knew exactly who was the extra person, yet she let everyone wonders.

Sure I don’t agree with everyone bullying her into ‘the extra’ person but I don’t think others deserved to die either.

Another anime, novel and manga are all different from each other, they only correlate in a few ways so if you want the original storyline you should try reading its novel. If I’m not wrong there is a scanlated version of Another’s novel somewhere..

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