Fate Stay Night : Saber Papercraft

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Difficulty :

This is the famous Artoria Pendragon , better known as Arthur Pendragon and King Arthur, which in the Fate game and anime series is known as female.

My first knowledge of Artoria Pendragon is her as Saber in Fate Stay Night anime. I watch that show religiously and hated Shiro who is Saber’s master very much.

Saber after that comes in a lot of other version , like more anime, manga and game Fate Grand Order mobile game available on android and iOS.

But Saber wasn’t the strongest character anymore in the next version of anime and games. She’s just like the basic set character you started with and forgotten later.

Now this paper craft is a premium paper craft made by Lili from China.

It requires 10 sheets of paper to build.

Papercraft Templates

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