Totoro House Paper craft

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Difficulty :

This is a paper craft model of Satsuki and Mei from Studio Ghibli’s famous movie My Neighbor Totoro .

The paper craft is made by a Japanese pepakura designer name Monster.

Now like most of Japan made paper craft it comes with tutorial guide . This one comes in PDF guide in Japanese language but there’s picture assisting so even if you can’t read Japanese, it’s still understandable.

Just need some common sense .

A bit information on the house, not only you can build it via paper craft, you may also visit it for real in Expo 2005 Aichi Commemorative Park in Nagakute, Japan.

Goro Miyazaki himself designed and oversaw the house’s construction and build a real replica Satsuki and Mei’s house.

You may read more info of that in Kotaku’s website.

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