Fate Testarossa paper craft

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Her name is Fate Testarossa, she is a magical girl from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha’s anime series.

She used to be Nanoha’s enemy and rival but became Nanoha’s partner and best friend.

Defeated by Nanoha, she redeem herself by working with Time-Space Administrative Bureau and she works alongside Nanoha to resolve Book of Darkness Incident half a year later.

Okay so this is my first unfold model and it’s not perfect but I think it’s doable. I removed many things from her original character, I reduce some parts of her cape because they were in the way.

Some of her long bangs had to be removed and most notice-able would be her ribbon. This problem is due to my noob-ness with 3DS Max application. I am still learning it.

I had ask this in our Facebook page but only one person eager to be my guinea pig and build this model lol.

I’d be happy if anyone would build her and share back her finish picture with me. Scale should be around 1:12

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