Anti Riot Truck paper craft

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This is Czech Special Anti-Riot truck, Tatra 815.

The 815 specialize in 3 categories which is civilian, military and racing.

The same variant of Tatra 815 series is made into a heavy fire truck, heavy armored anti riot truck , 8×8 crane truck, military, racing and cargo truck carrier.

In other word 815 is heavily modified just like the transformers.

815 prototype started back in the 70s by Tatra, a Czech company. Its truck now being used in Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, India, Italy, France, and USA .

Model scale is 1:32.

So why truck? I decided to skip Euro Truck Simulator 2 : Scandinavian DLC back in black Friday sales because it was only at 50% discount .. They might would lower the price to 66% during Christmas sale. That’s what I had in mind and now I am eager & impatient to play it..

Czech Anti Riot Truck paper craft model

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