FF X-2 Chibi Yuna paper craft

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Yuna is the main heroine from FFX and FFX-2. In case you don’t know what FF Stands for it’s Final Fantasy series.

The model we have here actually based on Kingdom Heart version where she is crafted as a chibi character.

In FFX Yuna went on a journey to become the summoner that people yearn her to be and save the world again.

In her journey she found that her should be fiance is actually an evil person . Well things happens and Tidus become hero and they gang save the world.

In FFX-2 Yuna and her friend Rikku and one more girl that I don’t remember her name do task around the world while finding clues to save Tidus.

Picture is by KitzyBitzyy and model unfolded by Pepabysmal.

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