Five Star Stories Bang Doll Papercraft

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The Bang Doll is the flagship mortar headd of the Lown Knights and one of the galaxy most powerful mortar headds. Because only 5 to 7 models are in service at any one time, they are very rarely seen.

The Bang Dolls main weapon is a special “energy sword” which is a speid that is tapped directly into the Bang Doll’s energy storage unit and charged up with vast amounts of power which allows the Bang Doll to perform devastating strikes. Muse Van Reyback uses a Bang Doll to bring Bishop Iller’s reign of terror in Kastenpo to an abrupt end.

A film adaptation of The Five Star Stories covers the events in the first arc of the manga, Destiny Three Fates: Lachesis. It was created by Sunrise, directed by Kazuo Yamazaki, produced by Haruki Kadokawa, and premiered in Japan on March 11, 1989. It was re-released in 2002 in DVD format. The licensing rights are currently owned by ADV Films, and an English version was released in March 2005.