Flandre Scarletto by Jazz Tracey

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A finish model by Jazz Tracey of Flandre Scarletto from touhou project. Guess what, Jazz is a girl. We don’t usually get much contribution from girls here don’t we ?

And when one came they made a really good paper model, look at the pictures they are really good.. On par with original . I would like to thank Jazz for sharing this picture with me and for supporting mypapercraft. I hope more girls would be willing to showcase their papercraft like you did, boys too.

You can see more of her pre-made and finish model in her gallery here

Flandre Scarletto or Scarlett is one of Touhou’s Project game characters . She is the younger sister of Remilia and the ?dirty little secret? of Scarlet Devil Mansion.

They are two version of Flandre Scarlet papercraft in mypapercraft. Do search for them 😛