Garrus Terminus Assault Helmet paper craft

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This is Garrus Helmet of Terminus Assault armor set from Mass Effect 2.

The Terminus Weapon and Armor is a DLC (downloadable content) pack which is given to those who pre-order ME 2.

It’s also available on Mass Effect 3.

The dlc ads 10% increase sprint, 10% reserve ammo and +15% shield. The bonus effect is different in ME 3 and in ME 3 the armor pack is buy-able at Batarian State Arms.

The helm has 129 parts within 11 page, which is quite a lot but the parts are fairly big. Might be easier for you to assemble that way?

It’s a 1:1 scale which means you can wear it and resize it according to your head size. Made by Sinner.

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