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This Chibi Super Sonico papercraft we have here is a mascot character of Nitroplus game company.

She was so popular that Nitroplus decided to turn her into a figure, makes anime, manga and sold all kind of merchandise of her.

I suppose Nitroplus tried to make her as popular as Hatsune Miku. I didn’t watch the anime so I don’t know if the hype is real?

Oh just found out that White Fox the studio that makes Re:Zero is the one behind Sonico’s anime. Perhaps it’s worth watching since Re:Zero is basically the best anime of this year.

Ok so the paper model here is designed/created by bubupaper and I bought it from them because actually this month (JULY) is our 5th year anniversary.

It’s been 5 years and we wouldn’t be here without you guys. Thanks for the support!

Since I bought it, I hope and request that you won’t upload it/share it on another site. Please just link back to as a support so I would buy more models for you? Thanks..

If you build her do share back your finish picture with MYP , include with your picture a piece of paper written with your nickname and on it. You can contact me via our Facebook page

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