Gawr Gura Paper craft

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Difficulty :

Gawr Gura is an English virtual Youtuber associated with Hololive.

Gura is friendly and reliable but lazy at times. I don’t know if she’s popular or not since I don’t follow her but she’s popular enough in Japan that S.V has made her into a paper craft.

As usual the papercraft templates is made available for download at Nicovideo website. Which you will need to register first before downloading.

Don’t worry it’s free no need to pay for anything.

Now as for assembly, the thing about S.V paper craft is that it’s made to be easy to assemble. It requires only 4 sheets of paper and should be easy enough for any newbie to try their hands on.

Ok now that I’m done i’ll leave the link below and goes back to Genshin Impact . Have fun everyone!

Don’t hesitate to explore the website for additional anime papercraft options.

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