Strike Witches Inagaki Mami Papercraft

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Inagaki Mami from the anime Strike Witches is a Witch attached with the Fuso Imperial Army.

She fills the role of a heavy gunner by employing customized Bofors 40mm cannon and 88mm Flak cannon in combat. This heavy firepower have repeatedly proved its worth against large-type land Neuroi, which are a common sight on the North Africa Front.

Strike Witches Inagaki Mami Anime Papercraft is a very high quality precise model compared to its figurine or other papercraft templates of the same genre and it doesn’t use many parts. For every accessories that Inagaki Mami’s using it came with different PDO files.

Despite these description above from wikipedia, I watched every episode of Strike Witches but I couldn’t remember her character, In fact I don’t remember seeing any miko wearing strike witches in the series. Could it be from a spin-off strike witches manga ?

Strike Witches Inagaki Mami Anime Papercraft designer is Rahamu.