Genshin Impact Lumine Paper craft

Hey so I have been playing Genshin Impact daily these days on my PS5, yes I know it’s a PS4 games but it’s so addictive and I sold my PS4 anyway so yeah today we have the main female character paper craft , Lumine for download.

Lumine is the twin sister of Aether, the male brother. Lumine and her twin always travels around world to world but when they about to leave Genshin world, a goddess? or some sort of being obstruct them from leaving and kidnap ( whichever player you did not choose at this point) leaving you drafted in this new world.

Most of the NPCs in the game called you tabibito ( traveler) but you can choose your own name for the character and since I play it in Japanese dub , I hear them call her tabibito all the time.

Back to our paper craft, it’s made by S.V and available for download at niconico video website. Just that you need to register first before downloading.

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