Genshin Impact Xiangling Paper craft

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Another Genshin Impact papercraft is here and this time it’s Xiangling!

Xiangling originates from Liyue and her specialty is cooking and using spear. Xiangling is an early character with 4 stars and if you play it early on? you would have gotten her for free by finishing the spiral abyss.

Now onto this paper craft, as usual is made by S.V . And for this paper craft you can either buy it or get it for free at S.V booth page.

Booth is a Japan eshop or something. Looks like you can sell digital artwork there , I didn’t really dig into it.

So why is there a paid version and a free version? There could be two things here. First if you paid you might get more parts? more design or maybe just a donation to S.V hard work in making such fine paper craft for us.

Either way if you like paper crafts made by S.V , just buy it bro.

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