Gundam RX-0 Unicorn Full Armor Paper Model

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As promised here’s the continuation from previous Unicorn Burst Mode, the full armor paper model of Unicorn.

According to my friend who is a full fledged hardcore Gundam fans, Unicorn Full Armor mode comes with 3 shields, 2 bazooka, 2 thruster, and 2 sub machine gun.

In Gundam UC anime, if the full armor + awakening the shield will has the ability to move around like a guided missile, firing machine guns and auto repair.

Just the kind of car that I wanted..

Okay that is what my friend told me, if he lied then the entire description is wrong. For the paper model, full armor is mostly based on Master Grade version and requires 16 sheets of paper to build.

A lot of small parts, difficult parts to assemble which makes this a crafts for adults who wants a bit more challenge in building paper models.

The templates are in PDF file and you need Adobe Viewer to open it.

Model designer is Tankuv.

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