Chodenji Machine Voltes V Papercraft

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Difficulty :

Here’s a unique old-school mecha robot similar to Space Emperor God Sigma that was shown on Japanese television back in 1977.

Voltes robot were driven by a team of young robot pilots that called themselves “The Voltes Team” . Together they fights against alien invaders from the planet Boazan.

Now this scale craft kits here requires about 20 sheets of paper. Templates comes in PDF, however it also came with a printable PDO instruction file. That means you can either choose to print templates from PDF or just print it from PDO, it’d be the same thing.

Voltes here is designed by GoldenGlue , a renown Korean papercraft designer.

It’s not too late to wish you guys a happy new year right? 😛

Voltes V Paper Model

Papercraft Templates

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