Heathcliff by Cheng

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Cheng comes again with his new SAO paper craft model and this time it’s Heatcliff version by Kevin.s .

Here another heathcliff paper craft I have just finished recently.

I started around May, and it took me about 1-2 weeks to finish. Not much to say since what I wanted to say is already said last time in the Sword Art Online family paper craft.

Ah, one more thing, I found this surprisingly easierto build than Kirito, Asuna and Yui, maybe because Heathcliff hair is very simple. ^^

Looks like Cheng has finished making SAO’s family and now started on the nemesis characters. Now, I wonder which model will you build next?

To others that would like to share your models please take your model photo with a piece of paper with your nickname and preferable mypapercraft.net too and submit to us by FB or by e-mail admin [at] mypapercraft dot net .

Download Heatcliff