Hijiri Byakuren & Kushina Anna Showcase by Jazz Tracey

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Jazz Tracey would like to share with us two paper craft she build and it’s Hijiri Byakuren from Touhou Project video game series and Kushina Anna from KKK anime.

Now guys let me tell you first thing is that these two models are not easy to build. Jazz Tracey is already a pro paper craft builders as she has been building them for years.

Here are few words from Jazz Tracey

Lili’s models are always straightforward to build.  But always reinforce the bottom/stands for the shoes. If you use your regular paper, it has a tendency to collapse after some time (more than a year).

Same goes for bended legs that hold weight, reinforce the inside portions. If you get some difficulties in getting them to stand balanced, you can always adjust or cut off portions of the shoe stands.

Someone did it for me though and it had something to do with finding the center if balance?  ???

For kushina Anna, id suggest skipping the round ribbons (the one on the left side of her head) .  They dont look so good tbh. Just make some cutesy tiny ribbons of your own.

However let that not stops you from building beautiful model such as these.

You can download Kushina Anna paper crafy and Hijiri Byakuren from our website as usual.