Hololive Momosuzu Nene Paper craft

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A girl who came from another world in order to become an idol.

She loves singing and dancing, and drawing.

She is training hard every day to become someone loved by many

How do you like that introduction? That’s what on Momosuzu Nene’s official profile . She’s not from this world! She’s an alien! LoL.

Well anyway Momosuzu Nene is a Hololive character, she’s a virtual Youtuber idol and is quite famous. No actually not just quite popular, she’s very popular.

Nene’s paper craft model is made by Hima Chan from Japan. You can visit Hima Chan on his/her twitter here . And the paper craft download link below . I don’t know for how long is Hima chan sharing this model so better to download it quickly.

Don’t hesitate to explore the website for additional anime papercraft options.