How to bypass region lock payment

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If you’re looking for how to bypass region lock then you should’ve know that Nuuvem is a website that sells digital game at cheaper price than most and can be activated on STEAM. Especially during sales such as Spring ,Summer, Autumn, Black Friday, and Winter/ Christmas/ New year sales.

Most of the games can be activated on STEAM however the payment system is Region Lock to Brazil and Argentina. No problem this guide will help you successful buy cheap game from Nuuvem.

What You Need
2. PayPal
3. Visa debit card / credit card.

It doesn’t matter what country you’re from just make a PayPal account linked to your Visa. Why Visa ? Because I tried with my debit MasterCard and Nuuvem rejected it. My debit Visa card works.

Download FLYVPN client and use its free vpn account which listed at the website sidebar in this link. No registration needed and Hola doesn’t work for me.

Install FLYVPN and choose yes to apply settings without restarting PC. Login with the free trial ids and choose connect to Brazil. Like picture below
flyvpn - How to bypass region lock payment

Open up and login. Put the game you like in cart and proceed with payment via Paypal. Login PayPal and do not disconnect FLYVPN.

Proceed with payment and now you have your game! Now go on and activate your game on STEAM.

Remember to disconnect FLYVPN once you done with the payment.

I just bought Lego World, FM 2014 and many more using this guide.

Additional Note

FlyVPN generates new free trial id everyday / every hour so if you couldn’t logon your previous free trial id just visit the website again for new trial ids. No registration needed.

Why mustn’t I disconnect VPN when login PayPal? Well.. I tried that and my payment got rejected.

Is it safe to do so? Probably not so make sure to change your PayPal password often or change your password to some gibberish before starting this guide and revert back to your password after you’re done.