IJN NISSHIN Paper craft

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This is IJN Nisshin seaplane carrier battlecraft so don’t mistake it with NISSIN the cup noodle maker.

A fine chap e-mail me bunch of battleships and planes aircraft with high quality scans and he’s sharing it for free.

I haven’t been posting any military papercrafts lately so this haul he gave me is really appreciated. So in the next-next post it’ll be military papercraft shared by Obed.

Let’s start with today carrier, it’s IJN Nisshin a seaplane carrier during WW2 in Japan. Oh I always love Japanese stuff doesn’t matter if it’s a chair or a battleship. They’re all awesomely made to me.

She was built at Kure Naval Arsenal from 1938 to 1942 and was equipped with 2 aircraft catapults and facilities for launching, lifting and carrying up to 12 floatplanes. It was made for the ship to also carry 12 Type ‘A’ midget submarines and to launch them

IJN Nisshin papercraft here comes in PDF. Back then when I use a terribly slow ISP I usually convert these PDF into JPG and split it into parts.

I’m not sure if you guys really appreciate that because I had people commenting why is the files in parts and they didn’t like it it seems so today I won’t be converting and wont split it into parts. So the files will be big ( to those with lower ISP plan )