Samurai Bot Papercraft

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Samurai Bot papercraft is from the Ichido comic book series. Ichido is a new comic book series by writer/artist tomas overbai and inspired by Akira Kurosawa, science fiction, post-apocalyptic fantasy and kung-fu movies.

This papercraft project is a colaboration between Loone-Wolf, Reza Ilyasa and Tomas Overbai

According to Ichigo comic book website, Samurai Bot papercraft seems to be from the Kyudoka class Artillery. Under optimal conditions a Kyudoka biomech’s quiver can print 3 projectiles a second for use with their rail bow for a sustained aerial barrage of 2.42 hours. Whatever that means.. I guess it is safe to say that Samurai Bot papercraft fall into mecha papercraft genre.

The dimension of Samurai Bot papercraft is 31cm height, 22cm width, and 31cm length. 13 sheets of paper is needed and the designer took 5 days to finish building this model.

Samurai Bot Papercraft Templates

Papercraft Templates

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