IJN Shikishima Battlecraft paper model

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Shikishima is a battleship of Shikishima class built by the British in 1890 . If you need a hard difficulty papercraft project to build then IJN Shikishima Battleship papercraft is the one.

It was used in the battle of Russo-Japanese war by Captain Teragaki Izo and was badly damaged in the war during 1904-1905. After that she remain stationed at base HQ during 1920. She was then classed as coastal defense ship.

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From there after, she was used as a training battleship. She was disarmed and hulked in 1923 and finally broken up for scrap in 1948. Quite a sad ending for a big battleship…

This Shikishima battleship paper model is at a 1:200 scale. It’s designed for adults, as it presents a challenging assembly process. Think of it like constructing a plastic scale model of the same battleship.

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