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Kirino is the character from Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai anime. She is a tsundere character that likes moe eroge

Yes, what better way to describe her than she is a Hentai that likes lolicon eroge. No matter how you call it it’s the same thing, she plays lolicon eroge.

To be honest I found this anime annoying and boring as I grow tired of the same archetype character like her.

Kousaka Kirino model comes in jpeg files and jpeg instruction guide. It was made by Fruity the almighty designer, and it requires 8 piece of paper to build. From the looks of it, the arm and body figure are not removeable.

This model was based by MaxFactory figma model of Kousaka Kirino. Release Date: May 2011. Retail Price: 2,800 yen

Picture is from drawwithme15 on Deviantart.

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