Iphone 13 Papercraft

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I honestly don’t know if there’s a demand for this type of papercraft , it seems like something trivial to make?

Rumors or fact has it that iPhone 13 is better than iPhone 14 and the sales for iPhone 14 is a lot lesser than it anticipated.

I’d be honest with you guys, if I had lots of money and don’t know where to spend , I’ll buy iPhone 14. Not for being trendy or to show off but for banking security.

I haven’t heard anyone using apps or online banking on iOS got hacked so if I have millions of money, iPhone is safe enough to take care of my finances.

static assets upload13554903603526132306 - Iphone 13 Papercraft
made by oskar YT

This simple iphone 13 papercraft that anyone can make is designed by oskar YT back in 2021. I somehow feels like searching for an iPhone templates and found this.

If you actually made it do let me know back .

Link to original file at : https://apple.fandom.com/f/p/4400000000000401059