Lycoris Recoil Inoue Takina Chibi Papercraft

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Another great chibi papercraft by S.V papercraft designer available for free at Nicovideo site.

Lycoris Recoil is an action shooter anime with yuri clickbait , or maybe really Yuri with only hand holding (so lewd) .

Anyway, Age 16 years old , Previously an exceptional Lycoris, but for some reason, she now works at Café LycoReco.

A realistic person with a distaste for inefficiency, she can be dissatisfied with Chisato, who is not a typical Lycoris. She wants to see good results in her job at LycoReco.

As usual a great quality paper craft from S.V pepakura designer. I only shares good quality papercraft here and I totally endorsed S.V as a great pepakura design in the world currently!