Japan Battleship Yamato Hal-ver Papercraft

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Yamato battleship is a naval legend known by everyone who is into World of Battleship video game. At least that’s how I knew this battleship.

Of course if you’re into WW2 history and movies you know this ship too. It’s just me noob knowing things from games and movies .

Yamato was the lead ship of her class of battleships built for the Imperial Japanese Navy shortly before World War II.

Named after the ancient Japanese Yamato Province, Yamato was designed to counter the numerically superior battleship fleet of the United States, Japan’s main rival in the Pacific. 

Now this is the Halinski paper model version of Yamato. There’s another version of Yamato sent to me by Obed which I will post sometime in the near future. But honestly I like Halinski version more.

The scale of this model is 1:200 comes with instruction.