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Yuzuki is one of AGC38 group girls. AGC38 is a 38 group of 2d idols characters just like AKB48 but they don’t necessarily appears in same anime series.

As for Kagayama Yuzuki, she appears in Sorette Dakara ne! anime.

In the anime she is one of Ayano’s friend. Ayano is terminally ill and has accepted her fate. She has a slice chance of recovering by doing a small procedure but she wouldn’t.

Her friends ( and Yuzuki) decided to make Ayano life a more fulfilling, happier as a teenage life so that she changes her mind before her time exceeded.

Let me be honest with you guys.. This is actually the first time I’ve heard about Sorette Dakra Ne!. It’s hard to know if an anime is good or not since Animetake took down. Was it a good anime? Do Tell me

paper model made by pepakomyu.

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