Howl’s Moving Castle Papercraft “Easy Version”

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Rejoice! We once had a challenging Howl’s Moving Castle Papercraft version, but now, thanks to the papercraft gods, we’ve got an easy-to-build version ready for download!


“Howl’s Moving Castle,” brought to life by the enchanting magic of Studio Ghibli, is a whimsical and spellbinding adventure that defies the laws of both physics and imagination. Follow the daring journey of Sophie, a young woman transformed into an elderly version of herself by a wicked witch’s curse, as she stumbles upon the enigmatic Howl and his fantastical mobile abode.

This walking castle is no ordinary home – it’s a roving wonderland filled with secrets, spells, and peculiar companions. Together, Sophie and Howl embark on an enchanting quest through a vibrant, ever-shifting world of flying ships, bewitched landscapes, and charming oddities.

With Studio Ghibli’s signature animation and storytelling, “Howl’s Moving Castle” is a fantastical rollercoaster of laughter, love, and magic that’s bound to leave you spellbound.

This papercraft offers a simplified and user-friendly take on Howl’s Moving Castle by kamiuchu. It’s designed for A4-sized paper and requires 26 sheets, preferably of 200gsm thickness.

The previous version was more complex, with numerous parts and compartments. Kamiuchi has now created an optimized version tailored for young and beginner papercraft enthusiasts.

Initially, the instructions were in Japanese, but a kind individual has translated them into English, although it may appear a bit cramped. Nevertheless, it’s a great assistance.

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