Kingdom Hearts Twilight Thorn Papercraft

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The Twilight Thorn is a Nobody that is found in Kingdom Hearts II. It is one of the bosses at the Dive to the Heart. The Twilight Thorn is also the only boss-level Nobody that is not a member of Organization XIII; however, it does share an attack with the most powerful member of Organization XIII, Xemnas.

What’s a Nobody you asked? A Nobody is what remains of those who have lost their hearts to Darkness. All Nobody types are named after job classes in the Final Fantasy video game series, except for Dusks, Creepers, Twilight Thorn and several fought with the Gummi Ship.

Kingdom Hearts Twilight Thorn Papercraft is scaled about 9 to 10 inches. That’s quite tall for a papercraft model. Twilight Thorn appear in Kingdom Hearts 2

Twilight Thorn’s papercraft designer is portaldragon from deviantart. Twilight Thorns game papercraft requires 7 sheets of paper and 143 pieces .

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