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If you are a fan of Japan’s anime/manga you had probably seen a scene where kids making and playing paper glider. For example if you watch Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi anime, Shiratori Jun is the guy who got convicted for killing Hinazuki Kayo. He is often seeing making and playing paper glider with kids in the neighborhood.

If you watch the anime you’d know that Shiratori Jun isn’t the killer so let just carry on with our glider things.

Paper Glider is another name for Paper plane. What makes it different between the two is Paper Glider is usually made from a cardboard or Styrofoam. Sometimes they had skewer on the body too to make it lighter and flew longer. These guys are usually sold in supermarket, hobby store and heck it’s even on Amazon!

I googled just now and found some group of people made a supersize paper glider and turn it into a competition. It’s interesting but we’re not going to make something that big.

For those of us who is in short of money and prefer a hand made style we could just download variation of Paper Gliders templates available for free. They are easy to make even for elementary school kids. In fact I listed some of the templates I found for free which you can download below.

All the pictures you see here you may download its template below.

Any paper you could find can be made into a glider but still it would be a better option to use it on a thicker card stock. Look for paper above 250 gsm or you could print it on a normal paper and glue it on a cardbox and cut it off along the lines.

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