Kirito Elucidator Sword Papercraft

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This is Kirito’s sword from the anime Sword Art Online. It is called Elucidator and is his primary weapon of choice .

Elucidator is categorized as a short sword and its attack power is 700-710 with 1300 durability. Elucidator requires 48 STR stats and when Kirito first obtain this weapon , he did not have enough STR to equip it.

Elucidator is the sword that broke Lisbeth best made player weapon which then makes Lisbeth and Kirito went to obtain Crystallite Ingot and forged Dark Repulser.

This sword requires 13 sheets of paper and designed by kevin villa s. The scale is 1:1 which mean you guys can now cosplay as Kirito, before he got himself Dark Repulser. I need to find Dark Repulser first before we all can be full fledged Kirito’s clone lol.

Sword Art Online is an award winning anime of 2013 about bunch of people stuck in a virtual game and become very geeky jrpg nerd inside it… Hah that was a joke 😛

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