Bn2t Freudenstein Locomotive Paper Model

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Bn2t Freudenstein is a German steam locomotive train from 1904. The year before WW2 .

This locomotive model is an adult crafts scaled at 1:25 and is 196 mm long which is about 19.6cm.

Model requires about 7 piece of paper and difficulty is Hard. It comes with Russian instruction , I think. I’m not so sure since I couldn’t read it.

The files are quite big so I made it password protected. As usual password can be found in FAQ page which you can find on category menu above .

I had something to say about millimeters , many gadget and items in internet is given description in millimeters and I on the other hand has been hard printed to use centimeters since kid. when I found products on internet with description in mm I’d always found myself confused. What a hassle

I haven’t post any locomotive model lately and I know we did gain some fans over our locomotive post , there was a reason why half of them has been removed from this site which I will not enclosed but we are back again so be assured there will be more train model kits incoming.

P/S : It’s partly because I watched The Taking of Pelham 123 just now lol

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