Kochiya Sanae Paper craft

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Kochiya Sanae is another Touhou Project game paper craft made by Lili.

Sanae is a wind priestess. She is the shrine maiden at Moriya shrine.

Unlike the other characters in Touhou Project video game, Sanae is a human but also a distant descendant of goddess Suwako Moriya .

Sanae also a minor deity due to her inherited power. She appeared as the last boss in her first Video Game cameo.

Ok enough introduction of Sanae. Let’s talk about the paper craft.

The templates are in JPG and comes with PDF instruction. It should be medium difficulty to build. Not that hard, not that easy either.

There’s lines and no lines version of her templates but I only uploaded the no lines version since based on previous upload, the no lines version is more popular with you guys.

But if you wanted the lines version do comment below.