FGO Chibi Olga Marie Paper craft

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Olga Marie is one of the storyline character in Fate Grand Order mobile game on Android and iOS. She’s also one of the recurring main characters in FGO Learning with Manga’s manga and anime.

Olga Marie is the director of Chaldea institution. She first appears in the Prologue Story of the game.

A pepakura designer called Rageburster from Japan designed this chibi Olga Marie paper craft and share with public for all to download and edit.

He included .ai and .blend files if you wanted to edit the design into a different pose etc.

As for the chibi Olga Marie anime paper craft, it’s very simple to make, requires 6 sheets of paper just because he placed different body parts on different papers. But to be honest if reorder the placement should be around 3,4 papers only.

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