Layla Malefic Gunner Paper craft

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Layla Malefic is hero character from Mobile Legends video game.

The world Layla lives in is full of a force called Malefic Energy, a savage and unruly energy that causes all living things that come in contact with it to lose their reason and become rabidly ferocious.

This energy had all but wiped out her world, until one day Layla’s father discovered a way to use a gun forged from magic iron from deep within the earth to absorb and control Malefic Energy.

Unfortunately, he absorbed too much energy during the forging process and died, but not before giving the completed gun to Layla in the hopes that she would halt the spread of Malefic Energy.

This is Layla Gunner version paper craft. Layla is a free hero in Mobile Legends.

Her abilities is Malefic Bomb, Malefic Gun, Destruction Rush and Void Projectile.

Paper craft difficulties is Hard.