Milla Maxwell Paper craft

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Milla Maxwell is one of the characters in Tales of Xillia video game on PS4.

She is one of the protagonist in Tales of Xillia. Created as the incarnation of Maxwell, the “Lord of Spirits”, Milla controls the Four Great Spirits: Efreet, Undine, Sylph, and Gnome.

She holds the duty to protect the world and everything that resides in it. Sensing the death of a great number of spirits, Milla travels to Fennmont to investigate the cause.

I haven’t play the Tales series since PS3 era. One of the main reason that made me quit is the game is basically grinding fest but it’s all auto if you want it to.

The game can be set to play automatic battles and you could just go through the story like a novel if you want.

Milla Maxwell paper craft is made by ACE crafts. Assembling it should be medium Hard.