LOTR Sauron Helmet Papercraft

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Sauron is the evil nemesis in Lord of The Ring series. He is also a necromancer in The Hobbits. In Lord of The Ring it was Sauron’s ring that Frodo needs to get rid off .

In most movie Sauron is just the “evil eye” that watches everyone and keep a lookout for his ring.

Sauron Helmet is often sought by people however the option to buy 1 is nil. There’s a lot of buyable helm for other superheroes but not Sauron. If you’re into DIY then this model is a full size helm that is wearable and suitable for cosplaying.

sauron ring

When the 2nd movie The Two Tower were shown at cinema , I went and get myself a ring that looks just like Sauron’s. Damn it was so cool lol. The ring I bought is in silver and looks exactly like above picture. I know Sauron’s ring is supposed to be in gold but gold look ugly on me and I prefer silver.

Although there’s no Sauron Helm for sale, there’s is however a lot of its figurine and bust for sale. Here’s the link

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