Madoka Magica’s Life-Size Giant Musket Papercraft

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gig 0865 - Madoka Magica's Life-Size Giant Musket PapercraftAccording to animenewsnetwork, a Life-Size of Madoka Magica’s Giant Magical Musket has been erected in Wonder Festival 2012 last sunday.

They did not mention how tall is the replica but the barrel is 80centimeters (about 31.5 inches) wide. It is said that the Dai-Nihon Giken’s replica would be 31.50-caliber.

Wonder Festival which or Wanfesu for short is a bi-annual event where people sell and display their garage kits. Like mecha, anime n sculptures.

Yes papercraft is included too.

According to wikipedia Wonder Festival are oriented around female characters, often displayed in very exposing and often erotic positions.

The market for these figures has spread overseas, and they have now become increasingly popular among collectors in many countries outside of Japan.

00 gig 0859 - Madoka Magica's Life-Size Giant Musket Papercraft

The picture is supposed to be the so called giant musket.. erm yeah it doesn’t look like one . I thought it was a big toilet paper roll.

What do you think? Does it look like the musket or does it look like toilet roll ?